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Our collection of over 30 years of back issues of the bi-monthly Cross Country Journal is available online in PDF form.
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Cross Country Journal
The bi-monthly Cross Country Journal is devoted exclusively to cross country running and coaching. It gives subscribers the theories, practices and experiences of some of the most outstanding coaches in the country.
Written for coaches, the Cross Country Journal covers recruiting, race tactics, motivation, running techniques, injury prevention and new ideas to use in practice.

The Cross Country Journal is no longer accepting new subscriptions. Thank you for your interest.

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Looking for ways to spice up your practices? Draw on the experience of great coaches from across the nation.

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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of an Alternative School in Meeting the Needs of Several Types of Students Whose Needs Were Not Met in Traditional Schools, by Knowles Dougherty. From 1969 to 1975, Knowles and Darlene Dougherty operated a school they founded with the idea that a very different type of school might work well for young people whose needs weren't being met in traditional schools. To complete the requirements for his Ph.D. in Education, Knowles wrote this thesis.

SAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment Seminars, by Karin E. Weiss, Ph.D. and Dorothy Boen, J.D., ed. A retrospective of the early years of SARs in Minnesota, written by two who were heavily involved with the program at the time.

Fifty Years of Quadriplegia, by Jim Boen. Part way through a stellar college career, Jim Boen sustained a serious gymnastics injury which ultimately left him permanently quadriplegic. Through determination and plenty of luck, he thrived for another fifty years.

Messages from a Distant Star, by Helen Sanford Wilhelm, is a new novel about a woman who returns after many years to the small town of her childhood, to arrange for her mother's transfer to a nursing home.
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In May 2015, the Cross Country Journal began its 33rd year of continuous publication - now from its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The Journal is owned by IDEA, Inc., which also produces and markets other items of use to Cross Country coaches, athletes and parents. In addition, IDEA, Inc., has published and/or is marketing a number of products not directly related to the great fall sport of Cross Country.
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Ghost Run, by Tom Miller. School's out and Beth Hardy has one goal for the summer: to get faster.

Cross Country Training Guide, edited by John Goodridge. Originally compiled in 1985, each chapter is written by an outstanding Cross Country coach. We are pleased to be able re-publish.

Twilight Run, by Tom Miller. With the State Meet just days away, the highly-rated Indian Bluff girls' cross-country team faces disaster.

Freshman Sensation, by Tom Miller. Trouble threatens to derail Indian Bluff's promising season when seniors Beth and Tara feel threatened by two talented freshmen.

The Best of Jerry Popp, compiled by Knowles Dougherty. After winning 39 state championships in North Dakota, Popp's teams now dominate the sport in Minnesota.

The Last Protest: Lee Evans in Mexico City, by Frank Murphy. The Last Protest is the story of Lee Evans, competitors and friends Tommy Smith and John Carlos, and the protest of those two at the 1968 Olympics which changed all of their lives forever.